ConsidraCare Pakistan Platform

ConsidraCare Platform provides tools to caregivers and families to make the care management simple, efficient, effective and transparent.

Our technology empowers, not replaces, human-centric care

Client Portal

Our client portal in the ConsidraCare Pakistan platform allows families and ConsidraCare a to build detailed elderly care plans for the loved ones . The senior care plan covers everything ranging from the loved ones' interests and hobbies to their conditions and medications and the daily tasks to be performed by the live-in caregivers.

Families can share the senior care plan with the caregivers and also get real-time updates on care delivery. ConsidraCare's care specialists talk to the caregivers and families every month to update the care plan.

Our Platform

Caregiver App

Our caregiver app, part of the ConsidraCare platform, allows caregivers to access their clients' care plans and get reminders on the daily tasks set by the families and ConsidraCare. In addition, the caregiver app allows the caregivers to note the loved ones' vitals and moods. Families get real-time updates through the app on the status of tasks and the care environment.

Caregiver Portal

Our caregiver portal, another part of the ConsidraCare platform, allows our caregivers to document their qualifications, skills and experience and apply for placements that match their interests and profiles.

In addition, caregivers get access to resources such as our online university to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date.

Our Platform
ConsidraCare Pakistan

Command Centre

With our command centre, our care team stays on top of caregiver placements, daily shifts and clients' statuses. The platform allows us to efficiently and seamlessly coordinate care and finds and matches the best caregivers for families.

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